At Campo Lindo Farms, we usually raise one
batch of turkeys each year.  We get them in
mid to late summer, and process them (on our
very small USDA inspected plant) so they
will be fresh for Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, this year (2011) we did not
get any turkeys.  We had a very crazy
summer, increasing our chicken production in
order to supply some new customers, and
summer came and went without us thinking
about turkeys.  Sorry! If you'd like to try an
alternative... how about checking out our
special offer of big...and we mean HUGE...
Thanksgiving chickens!
2011 Update...
SORRY! No turkeys this
We are going to try something new
and let chickens grow into extra large
roasters.  We expect them to top out
around 7 - 8 pounds, though this is
just an estimate since we've never
done this before.
We expect them to be big, juicy and
Please let us know if you'd like to try
one - like our turkeys, there will be a
very limited supply.
Campo Lindo Farms
No one
ever said
we were
After you try them, you'll run back for more
     Campo Lindo Farms fresh turkeys!
Please let me know if you'd like to put your name on the list for a
turkey. We don't require a deposit, but ask that you please let us know
at least one week ahead of time if you change your mind and don't want
one. We often have a "hoping" list, and I hate to  disappoint  someone
and then have turkeys left over on Thanksgiving day.