Campo Lindo Farms
Lathrop, Missouri
Here at Campo Lindo, we refer to our layer hens as "the ladies".  We have
about 3600, and they keep busy supplying the Kansas City area with Grade A
                                               Large and Medium brown eggs.
 Brown Eggs
Feed:  In addition to the grass, bugs and
critters they find in the pastures, the hens
also receive an all natural feed ration which is
mostly corn and soybeans.  We feed NO
ANTIBIOTICS or hormones, though I like to
stress that poultry feed never contains
Nests: The ladies come in to lay their
eggs in straw filled nests from which we
gather 2 or 3 times per day.  They're
funny in that they will have their favorite
nests, and will almost line up in order to
lay in that particular box while the one
right next to it is empty!
Night time: We lock the ladies in their barn at
night so that they will be safe from nocturnal
predators. We have an abundant population of
coyotes, foxes, racoons and even opossums
that are always trying to get at them. At dawn's
first light, we open up the nest boxes and the barn
doors. They can't wait to get outside. Check it out
for yourself on the video above!
The ladies live in large barns, and they have
pastures to roam and play in.  It's also a great place
to hunt for worms, crickets and other bugs! (They
often have to share the pasture with our sheep and
horses, but they don't seem to mind too much.)
They come in to eat, drink, sleep, and lay eggs.
Grocery Stores that carry our eggs:

  • Cosentino's Brookside Market - Brookside
  • Cosentino's Downtown Market -
  • Cosentino's Price Chopper - Brookside
  • Cosentino's Price Chopper - Mission & 95th
  • Cosention's Price Chopper - Liberty
  • Green Acres Market - Briarcliff Village
  • Hy-Vee - 76th & State Line Rd.
  • Hy-Vee - Liberty
  • Nature's Pantry - Independence
  • Whole Foods - Metcalf & 91st,
  • Whole Foods - 119th Street
  • Nature's Own - Main Street
Restaurants that use Campo Lindo Farms eggs:
It is extra work for chefs to use product from local
farmers.  We appreciate their commitment to freshness,
quality and their environment.
  • Aixois
  • American Restaurant
  • BlueBird Bistro
  • Bluestem
  • Carriage Club
  • Classic Cup Cafe
  • Hallbrook Country Club
  • Julian
  • Justus Drugstore
  • Kansas City Country Club
  • Michael Smith
  • Mission Hills Country Club
  • The Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange
  • River Club
  • Room 39- both locations
  • Starker's Reserve
  • Story.